RF system


An Advanced System for Wrinkle Reduction and Skin tightening

* Advanced ART RF technology

* Reliable and powerful cooling performance

* No consumables, durable tip with optional size

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Biorad, based on advanced ART( Automatic Resistance Test) RF technology, two energy output treatment mode combination and intellectualized epidermis cooling technology prove excellent treatment effect and safety. Adjustable RF energy release rate and double cathodic pads ensure safe, effective and comfortable wrinkle reduction and skin tightening treatments. 

How Biorad works?

The delivered mono-polar RF energy penetrates deeply into the whole dermis and increases the temperature between 45~60 centigrade  to accelerate dermis and subcutaneous tissues blood circulations effectively , and to cause immediate contract of collagen tissues and long-term collagen regeneration.  

The device produces radio frequency energy at 1.15MHZ, which delivers a uniform volumetric heat energy into deep dermis and underlying tissues. Heat is generate by the tissue's natural resistance to the flow of current within an electric field impedance.

Heat can change the shape of collagen fibrils, leading to a immediate shrinkage of collagen and new collagen building and subsequent tissues remodeling. 

1. ART ( Automatic Resistance Test) RF technology 

The handpiece is installed with an inductor which measure skin resistance automatically during treatment, which assures energy output only occurs when the tip is fully in contact with skin to reach maximum safety. 

2. Reliable and powerful cooling performance

Biorad adopts intellectualized epidermis cooling technology, which ensures virtually pain free experience. The RF energy is delivered to deep dermis while epidermis cooling system keeps the temperature of epidermis under5 ℃, which protects epidermis from being burnt while the deep-seated collagen is heated.
24 hours of continuous work assures you of a satisfactory operation and excellent effect.  

3. Unique sliding operation mode

Two energy output mode combination: single energy output and continuous output modes cooperatively reaches ultimate results. Single energy output mode provides specific therapy, while continuous energy output mode treats big areas with rapid speed, meanwhile, it realizes the immediate effect of skin tightening and body contouring during treatment. 

4. No consumables, durable tip with optional size

Tips can be used limitless within its lifespan, which ensures you to enjoy high profits. 
Three optional tips are respectively suitable for canthus and tiny wrinkles (ф8mm), face and periocular skin (ф24.5mm) and body (ф43mm) treatment. 

5. No anesthetic, pain free experience , No downtime

Virtually pain free experience makes treatment more comfortable and no anesthetic required. No downtime to enable immediate return to normal daily life. 

  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
Technical Specifications
  • Biorad
    RF frequency
    1.15 ± 0.02 MHZ 
    Output power 
    Up to 500J
    Working mode of hand piece
    Intermissive, continuous
    Input power
    800W( Max)
    Working temperature
    5℃ ~40
  • Cooling system
    Water cooling
    Tip temperature
    ≤5℃ (when cooling system is running)
  • Size
    48*52*116 mm
    Net weight
    Electrical requirements
    220VAC/170 - 240VAC/110VAC/90 - 135VAC   47-53Hz
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