RF system


An Advanced Multi-application Platform for Body Contouring, Skin tightening Smoothing, Muscle Pain Relief, Cellulite Reduction

Effective on All Skin Types

Non-surgical, Non-invasive

Advanced Technology (ART RF, Bi-polar RF, Infrared and vacuum suction)

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Omnislim expands the bodying slimming,contouring and anti-aging platform with the technology that goes beyond previous RF, Infrared and vacuum modalities. It combines advanced mature technologies-ART RF, Bi-polar, Infrared and Vacuum suction. It offers non-invasive, comfortable and effective treatments for body slimming and contouring, cellulite reduction, face anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, skin smoothing and tightening, muscle pain relief.

Working principle

Infrared light, Bi-polar RF and Vacuum Suction

When the heat energy of infrared light and bi-polar RF acts on skin, it is delivered into in-depth tissues, which accelerates blood circulation in dermis and subcutaneous tissues. Meanwhile the vacuum suction is in progress, It blasts and rolls on subcutaneous tissues with adjustable suction setting intensity and specially designed frequency according to different thickness and extend of fat, helping skin better absorb heat energy, accelerating blood and lymph circulation, burning and consuming subcutaneous fat. It effectively resolves the fat, facilitating the metabolism of water, toxins and pigments.


Utilizing proprietary radio frequency emitter with Automatic Resistance Test technology, the mono-polar RF head transforms electric energy in heat energy and delivers it into all layers of the dermis through continuously cooled epidermis, raising the temperature in dermis. The blood circulation accelerates the dermis and subcutaneous tissues, contracting fibrous tissues immediately, stimulating the regeneration and reconstruction of  collagen protein for a long term, reaching the effect of tightening and lifting skin.

1   ART(Automatic Resistance Test) RF technology ensures safe treatments.

2 Continuous cooling system ensures safe and comfortable treatments.

3 Combination of intermittent and continuous pulse mode maximizes treatment results.

4 Adjustable RF energy releasing speed ensures safe and comfortable treatments.

5 No consumables, durable tip with optional size

6 Adjustable intensity and frequency of suction ensures comfortable treatments.

7 Combination of infrared light and bi-polar RF with vacuum suction helps skin better absorb heat energy, reaching better treatment results.

  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
  • Before
    Treatment Session: 5
  • After
    Treatment Session: 5
Technical Specifications
  • ART RF hand piece
    RF energy
    Diameter of tip 
    43mm, 24.5mm,8mm
    Cooling temperature 
    ≤5℃(Can be set without cooling )
    Working mode
    Intermittent & continuous pulse mode
  • Vacuum hand piece
    Vacuum suction range
    Wavelength of infrared light
  • Size 
    400mm×420mm×970mm (Without harp)
    Net weight
  • Platform
    Maximum input power
    Power supply
    A.C. 220V or 110V,50~60Hz
    Environmental temperature
    Relative humidity
    Aotmspheric pressure
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