Renas II
Renas II

Non-ablative erbium fractional 1550nm Laser

Adjustable energy and density

Various scanning modes

Minor beam diameter


Renas, based on advanced non-ablative 1550nm erbium-glass fractional laser technology, acts on skin by microscopic laser beams under the operation mode of static

stamp or dynamic rolling. Its depth of penetration with minor lesions assures approximately non-invasive therapy, and proves accurate, safe and high-effective skin 

resurfacing and scars treatment with minimal downtime. Renas utilizes intelligent optical tracking system and randomized scanning technology, ensuring optimal 

effect for patients.

Working Principle

Renas works by delivering multiple arrays of 1550nm microscopic laser beams to the skin, known as microscopic thermal zones. The treatment eliminates old epidermal 

pigmented cells and penetrates deep into the dermis, remolding collagen with stratum with microscopic treatment zone and long term regeneration. Dermis fiber 

thickens, micro wound heals quickly, skin restores smooth after several treatments, and the pigmentation risk is reduced effectively.


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Intelligent Optical Tracking System

Renas handpiece utilizes intelligent optical tracking system, ensuring consistent, predictable and uniform treatments, in significantly less time than traditional stamping

mode. This system automatically adjusts to moving speed, while the hand motion distributes pulse evenly, providing better patients experiences.

Random Distribution of Spots

Renas works by delivering multiple arrays of randomized microscopic laser beams to the skin. These beams produce deep, collimated micro necrotic columns that 

can penetrate as far down as the reticular dermis, while sparing surrounding viable tissues. The outcome produces more natural, more uniform skin regeneration 

with minimal downtime and dramatic clinical improvements. The high speed of Dynamic Mode continuously delivers randomized beams and sufficiently covers 

large areas very swiftly. This is good for full face treatment such as skin rejuvenation or broad narrow scars.


Simple to use

Intelligent touchscreen interface and precise dosimetry allows physician to easily select the optimal treatment setting.

Various scanning modes

Now there are four scanning modes: rectangle, ellipse, triangle and polygon. Scan area can be adjusted freely. It reaches a better effect for different treated areas 

and patterns.

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Two operation modes

Static stamp and dynamic rolling. Proper operation mode can be selected according to different treatment area and cases, making the treatment more convenient.

Uniform Density Distribution

Density and single spot distribute now is much more evenly than before.

Minor Beam Diameter

Minimum diameter of spot size can be 50цm, so the wound is small and surrounding normal tissue is damaged minimally. Tiny wound heals soon, which greatly 

reduces the risk of side effect and complication setting in. It is recognized as one of the safest and most efficient resurfacing laser system available today.


Adjustable Energy and Density

Matrix form scan assures uniform energy distribution per unit area so avoid pigmentation veins caused by inequable energy during the treatment.

High pulse energy with maximum 100mj. Adjustable scan density assures accurate treatment for pathological tissues.

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Tip Advantages

Intelligent chip automatically recognize tips and tip lifespan. Big spot size with maximum 15x15mm. The treatment can be efficient for large treated area.


Before & After
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    Technical Specifications

    Renas II

    Laser Type Erbium glass fiber laser
    Working mode Fractional scan
    Wavelength 1550nm ± 5nm
    Output power 30W
    Pulse energy 10mj ~ 100mj adjustable
    Aiming Beam 635nm


    Spot diameter 50um (minimum)
    Density 10~400 spots/cm2 adjustable


    Operation mode Static stamp / dynamic rolling
    User interface Touch screen liquid crystal display


    Hand piece transmission area 15*15mm, 8*8mm, 15*4mm
    Guidelines light wave rate ≤5mW
    Dimension 300*640*1610mm
    Net weight 38KG