Premium Light
Premium Light

Adopts square pulse and constant current charging SHR IPL technology.

Easy and customized interface. 


GSD PREMIUM LIGHT adopts square pulse and constant current charging SHR IPL technology, which emits constant energy to ensure optimum clinical results. Easy and customized interface makes it flexible for individual clinical procedure. It is a safe and efficient system for fast and permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions treatment and acne treatments. 

What is Square Pulse IPL?

It adopts square pulse technology to guarantee uniform energy output. Energy could instantaneously achieve peak power which could keep stable during the entire pulse duration. No matter it is acted with single pulse mode or multi-pulse mode, PREMIUM LIGHT always presents uniform and accurate energy which could reach presetting energy level without any sudden energy fluctuation. 

What’s the difference between conventional IPL and PREMIUM LIGHT ?

PREMIUM LIGHT makes comfort as the first priority as well as delivering maximum treatment efficiency. Comparing with PREMIUM LIGHT, conventional IPL system is unfeasible to produce long-square pulse which should reach the relaxation period to target skin. Moreover, fluctuations of output energy will easily lead to ineffective treatment result and increase risk of side effect.



SHR IPL with Max 8Hz adjustable RF-- fast and cost effective. 

MF probe designs for other application to meet each patient’s needs, meanwhile ,SHR probe and MF probe can be recognized automatically.

12 hours non-stop flashing

Powerful cooling system and energy control unit enable the operator to provide uninterrupted treatment.


Innovative TEC cooling system

The thermoelectric semiconductor cooling system increases the temperature difference between superficial and subcutaneous tissue, making the therapy more gentle. Adjustable TEC cooling with minimum -4℃ protects epidermis while hair follicle is heating. 5 cooling levels can be adjustable.

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Easy to use interface, touch display screen.

Two operation modes are available. Classical mode provides intuitive operation interface to basic users, while SHR for fast hair removal treatment.

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Modularized design for simple and convenient maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Premium Light

Continuous working hours 12 hours
Spot Size 50 mm*15 mm, 50 mm*10 mm (optional )
Repetition Rate Up to 8Hz
Cooling System TEC cooling + Water Cooling
Wavelength 600-1200 nm , 500-1200 nm (optional )
Fluence 4-24J/cm²
Pulse Width 2-12ms
Working Mode Classical Mode , SHR Mode
Dimension 47 CM*46 CM*33 CM
Net. Weight 25 KGS