Dubai Derma 2023 GSD is coming soon


Dubai Derma is widely considered a platform of dermatology, aesthetics and skincare information. It is being held every year and has gathered a lot of doctors, speakers, specialists to discuss the future trend of industry, and share the aesthetic products information together.


3 Wavelengths Coolite Evo

The latest model of Coolite Evo3 provides a new type of system updating which definitely improve the function and working effect: Triple wavelength laser can absolutely help people with all kinds of skin colors and hairs. In the past we offer people only one certain 810 wavelength now it updates to 940nm 1064nm which means we can help improve the treatment feeling for people with various skin color types.


One another key character of it will be its fiber coupled diode laser system: Target the treating precisely and much quicker, assuring a low damage rate, long life span and easy maintenance. Lighter handle which weights only 280g gives the operator a better execution experience, 1200W power improves the working efficiency and client’s treatment feeling.By the way, if you have the willing to know about this equipment there with your witness, you may also operate and practice the new software of skin rejuvenation. Similar, but much better.

Slimming machine - Therma Sculpt

Behind the Coolite Evo we also bring the latest Radio frequency slim aesthetic platform which is called Therma Sculpt. Unlike the previous product, Therma Sculpt offers a wonder experience for those people who suffered from extra body fat with the unique Dynamic Lipo RF technique.


Not only reduce the fat but also brings people with body contouring function. Still we have the temperature control system which can definitely improve the slimming feeling when operating. Moreover, the hands free operating mode also save the operator’s effort, along with the intelligent automatic temperature control system,we believe they will deliver a new idea for our friends in the aesthetic industry.

We all know that during the recent years it has been tough to get along with our career and life. But this time GSD will be waiting for you at Booth No.: 420. Don’t forget to meet us at Dubai Derma and we are looking forward to meet the old friends and gain more friendships.