GSD at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024


GSD, a global leader in beauty brands, once again showcased its innovation  at the 2024 Cosmoprof exhibition in Bologna. As a frontrunner in the beauty industry, GSD unveiled a range of awe-inspiring products and technologies.

Throughout the exhibition, representatives from GSD engaged in extensive discussions and collaborations with industry experts, delving into the future direction of the beauty industry. They participated in discussions on sustainability, innovative technologies, and market trends, contributing wisdom and experience to the industry’s sustainable development.


Coolite Bolt , has captured the attention of customers again with its groundbreaking application: Bolt Lifting. This revolutionary use of Coolite Bolt has left users speechless with admiration. Praised for its effectiveness and comfort.The simultaneous emission of three wavelengths(755/810/1064) heats up the ligaments and stimulates the collagen to create immediate lifting results.





Our latest Super Pulsed CO2 Laser Platform, Refine+, has garnered significant attention at the exhibition.It offers a wide range of aesthetic and surgical solutions as well as vaginal treatments.

With precise control of energy, pattern and depth,Refine+ can effectively address various treatment demands on both superficial and deep skin layers. High beam quality adapted RF tube guarantees reliability and safety throughout every treatment.


At our latest showcase,our lineup of cutting-edge products including Coolite Evo3, Premium Light, and Therma Sculpt captured the attention of experts and garnered strong interest from our esteemed clientele. Each product stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of advanced technology. Coolite Evo3 offers unparalleled Fiber Coupled Diode Laser technology, while Premium Light delivers exceptional performance with square pulse technology. Meanwhile, Therma Sculpt impresses with its revolutionary Dynamic Lipo RF. We were thrilled by the enthusiastic response from both experts and customers alike, giving us the confidence to continuously break through new technologies.

Meet us at our next destination. We’ll be showcasing GSD’s advanced and stable technology in Monaco from March 27th to 29th.