How to use The 810nm diode laser hair removal machine?


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how diode laser hair removal works

If you are a man who often focus on laser hair removal, I believe in the principle of laser hair removal. You must be very clear.We know, the skin is composed of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer of three parts, divided into the hair shaft and hair, hair root, hair papilla, etc

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Among them, hairy papillae contain abundant blood vessels and nerves to maintain the nutrition and generation of hair. If atrophy occurs, hair loss occurs. However, the human body has a cycle, and the naturally shed hair will continue to grow back over time through the nutrition provided by the hair papilla. The growth time will vary according to the physical condition of each person.Hair sometimes protects our skin and keeps our body thermostatic, but sometimes it doesn't always.
Some people with hirsutism, for example, are bothered by overexuberant hair. And with the evolution of humans and the development of society, we no longer need thick hair to maintain our body temperature and prevent insolation, also let us in order to beautiful or other reasons can choose hair removal.

Just like plants, the body reacts to light exposure. Too much ultraviolet light, for example, increases the melanin pigment that causes our skin to tan.Laser hair removal is also the use of this principle, the use of laser irradiation of our skin, light energy through the surface of the skin, irradiation on the hair follicle, the selective absorption of melanin in the hair follicle, local high temperature, so that hair regeneration tissue thermal necrosis, thus losing the ability to regenerate hair.

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In the gradual development of medicine, it is found that different substances have different absorption rates of light at different wavelengths, so we will see in some answers that laser hair removal is divided into 808nm laser hair removal or 810nm laser hair removal, etc. This specific light wavelength can be better absorbed by melanin and reduce the absorption of other substances. For more information on 810nm fiber diode laser hair removal benefits, please visit our website.

How to use The 810nm diode laser hair removal machine

Here is a summary of How to use The 810nm diode laser hair removal machine process based on our years of experience. The equipment used is the Coolite Evo laser hair removal machine of GSD. Other laser hair removal equipment is the same operation process, doing so can make your laser hair removal process more effective and comfortable.

1. Clean the skin

This step is to remove oil or other excess material from the skin, which will make the process go more smoothly. Some beauty salons will chat with the customer, it can be very good to let customers don't so nervous, and relax their bodies to better enjoy the treatment. (User experience has always been a way for beauty salons to get good reviews.)

2. Clean shave their hair

Laser hair removal allows the laser to pass through the surface to allow the melanin to absorb energy, so we need to shave the hair on the surface, otherwise, it will become energy dispersion or be absorbed by the surface hair and burn the customer's skin. This is why diode laser hair removal for dark skin is a difficult problem.

3. The disinfection handset

This step is essential, because every time for a hair removal course, the machine will touch the customer's skin, and the laser handset after the end of hair removal will make the pores temporarily open, in order to be more hygienic, we must do handset disinfection.

4. Apply beauty gel

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We will draw some 5cm*10cm squares on the body according to the area of hair removal, which makes it easier for the beautician to do. Of course, this is not necessary, such as facial hair removal or armpit hair removal. Some experienced beauticians can also make judgments based on their own experience.

Then we will apply diode laser hair removal gel on the skin of customers. The sufficient gel can protect the skin of customers and avoid surface burns. Please pay attention to whether the ingredients in the gel will cause allergies in customers.

5. Hair removal operation

Coolite Family has two operating modes: Fast mode with preset values and Free mode with free adjustment. In Fast mode, you can choose according to the skin color type and part of the customer. These data are set by a large amount of clinical experience of GSD, which can meet most people around the world, which is convenient and fast. The Free mode can choose the energy and frequency freely, which is suitable for some experienced doctors to adjust according to the customer's situation, such as the color of the hair or the current growth of the hair.

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The Coolite Evo uses a GSD exclusive technology with a high-tech integrated laser hand that delivers uniform power and can be fired numerous times, so for large areas of hair removal, the groomer can opt for a sliding operation.The machine is vertically close to the skin and slightly presses the skin down with a certain force.

The 'Z' shape slides at a constant speed, and the sliding gap should not be too large when operating at a high frequency.

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During the treatment, ensure that the gel is sufficient, tighten the skin at the treatment site, and avoid epidermal scald caused by the formation of folds in the epidermis due to sliding, and quickly at the bone and near the blood vessels.

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If it is facial hair removal, we suggest the use of stamping technique, so the effect will be better. Coolite Evo also has the skin rejuvenation function, the operation method is not the same, more about Coolite EVO Advantages.

Is diode laser hair removal machine safe ?

Yes, please don't worry too much about this problem. laser hair removal is a mature technology. You can find references through many professional websites.National Library of Medicine.
A traditional laser hair removal machine may shine a laser in a certain wavelength range on the skin. You may feel a warm sensation on the skin, which is safe, and your skin is absorbing energy. In particular, the current diode laser hair removal machine device can transmit laser with specific wavelength, such as GSD professional 810nm laser hair removal instrument.
According to the principle of light selective action, Choosing an 810nm wavelength that is well absorbed by melanin and has less effect on other substances makes hair removal more efficient and less impactful.

how long does diode laser hair removal last

Permanent hair removal is not achievable in one session because some hairs are growing and not absorbing energy well. In general, we recommend 3-5sessions for diode laser hair removal, facial hair removal every 3 weeks to 4 weeks (the usual hair growth cycle time), and trunk and limbs every 5 to 7 weeks can Permanent hair removal. Each session will make your hair thinner, you can choose as many times as you want.

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Armpit hair removal after 3 operations

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