The 20th Anniversary Growth of GSD Professional Beauty Equipment Suppliers What is GSD?


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●GSD is a beauty equipment manufacturer

GSD means Global Skin Dermatologist. Our first device was born in 2001, in the year we are pioneers in this field. our people-oriented, as our name, our company aspires to be global skin experts, in 2021, has 20 years of a GSD is a professional beauty machine supplier, we have always been committed to providing global health, science and technology, Fashion beauty lifestyle, so we have been communicating with beauty salons and doctors around the world, to ensure the quality of GSD and future company planning, we hope beauty can be preserved.

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●GSD is not just a beauty equipment manufacturer

GSD is not only a simple beauty equipment supplier but also a pioneer in medical treatment and beauty. We not only have a factory of more than 10,000 square meters and nearly 500 employees but also have our own professional research and development team. GSD has many unique patented technologies and globally recognized FDA and ISO certifications. We will regularly in China and some Asian countries to carry out the doctor discussion and share we meet about skin problems because we sincerely hope to be able to help people in need.

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The outcome of the GSD

After more than 20 years of growth, GSD has developed a lot of professional equipment, such as the medical vitiligo treatment machine and the laser hair removal machine on beauty, etc. In fact, we are not only, GSD in addition to beauty salon professional beauty equipment also has some home beauty equipment such as DEESS; We are always trying to improve the efficiency of our beauty machines to ensure that every session is effective.

Every year, we will participate in international exhibitions. On the one hand, we hope that GSD can be recognized by the world, on the other hand, we also hope to know more realistically what our customers need. When we understand the needs of customers, we will make improvements and research and development according to this, so we are always moving forward.

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GSD exhibition in Japan and Italy

At present, GSD provides professional beauty equipment for 120 countries around the world, which is recognized by beauty parlors around the world. We can change our equipment according to the language of customers to facilitate users in each region.


The operation interface of each instrument has preset values and custom values. If you are an experienced beautician, you can freely adjust the machine according to the customer's situation to ensure that the customer gets the best treatment. If you are a novice just starting also do not need to worry, our equipment operation is very simple, our team also has professional beauticians, you are welcome to email at any time!

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Thank you for your company and guidance on the 20th anniversary. GSD will keep good service and cutting-edge technology, and continue to strive to become a Global Skin Dermatologist. If you are interested in joining us or know more about the details of Global beauty machine suppliers, please contact us.

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