what is the best laser hair removal machine in salons? 2 in 1 beauty machine Coolite-EVO details


According to the survey: about 90 percent of women are bothered by body hair, especially leg hair, which can often put them in an embarrassing situation, so they are eager to get rid of hair. there are plenty of examples of men whose hair removals, such as facial hair or some chest or back (if you need a tattoo).


So for beauty salons around the world, and even many hospitals -- hair removal treatment is a must. But each person's constitution is different, so the method of some hair removal is not appropriate, there will be: hair thickening, embedded hair, pigmentation, rough keratinization, hair follicle inflammation and other adverse consequences.

For customers, I believe they are ready, they are desperately want to remove unwanted hair, so they choose a beauty salon or a hospital, I think are more concerned about the cost of treatment and worry about whether the treatment effect, because no one wants to spend money and not getting the desired result.


For the beauty salon, there is no denying that a good service process can directly affect the customer's impression of the beauty salon, and a customer's good feedback on the beauty salon can make the beauty salon get the greatest publicity, she may share the beauty salon to her family and friends, so how to get a good comment? First of all, our beauty salon should look very professional and bring a comfortable experience environment for customers. Secondly, I think it is the professional knowledge of beauticians. If customers ask you some relevant questions, you can't answer them, so customers will have a sense of distrust towards you! Then there is our beauty equipment, the customer's experience of the equipment, and its final effect. Do all this well so that you can solve the biggest problem of "How to get clients for Salon"!


So what is the best hair removal machine? This problem is a puzzle! It's a question salons and clients alike want to know about, and if you're struggling with it, take a look at GSD professional laser hair removal machine -Coolite EVO.

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Before that, let me introduce GSD, which stands for "Global Skin Dermatologist". We have been working as a professional medical equipment supplier and beauty machine supplier for 21 years, providing professional beauty equipment to beauty salons in 120 countries around the world. We have a perfect plant and their own research and development team, we will regularly communicate with doctors, in order to make sure we don't have any problems with machinery and technology, our machines in China for vitiligo hospital have ten years of clinical experience, the great recognition, we also have a series of certificates such as ISO and the FDA. GSD is committed to providing the world with technology, health, fashion beauty.

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The Coolite EVO is GSD new laser hair removal machine. As we know, hair removal has been noticed for a long time, from the simple removal of hair with wool or wax, which really hurts! And it's not permanent, so it takes a while to be tortured! Then there's laser hair removal and painless freezing point hair removal.


• Laser hair removal:


Laser hair removal is based on laser hair removal according to the principle of selective photothermal action, through a specific laser wavelength energy is absorbed by hair melanin, and it is converted into heat energy, high energy heat damage hair shaft hair follicle, inhibit hair regeneration. Some body parts such as the bikini area, facial hair removal pain are obvious, and prone to redness, swelling, and folliculitis performance.


• Freezing point painless hair removal:


According to the principle of selective photothermal action, the revolutionary use of freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, using low energy and high frequency repeated heat accumulation way, mild geothermal damage hair follicles to achieve the effect of inhibiting hair regeneration. More comfortable, safe and painless hair removal.

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We know that laser hair removal acts on melanin according to the principle of selective photothermal action. If the wavelength is too short, the melanin in the epidermis will compete with the melanin in the hair follicle to absorb more light energy, which is easy cause epidermal damage. Therefore, the wavelength of laser hair removal should be 694nm-1064nm.


We can see the reaction of various substances to different wavelengths of light in some scientific studies. See the picture below:

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We can see that the absorption amount of melanin in 300nm~1000nm wavelength is constantly decreasing, while the opposite is true for water. Though we can't only be depending on the degree of absorption of melanin and simple for wavelength selection, because we have a lot of body composition, we need to pay attention to the laser to our body impact some of the other things, such as hemoglobin, as we mentioned above, if the wavelength is too short, it will cause damage to the skin, but if the wavelength is too long, the energy efficiency of melanin absorption will be reduced.


The Coolite EVO laser hair removal machine was born in the pursuit of higher comfort and better experience, people can easily enjoy the dorsal membrane, pleura, leg membrane, arm membrane, and even gluteal membrane. Coolite EVO laser hair removal equipment depilates super large spots and high power design, which makes hair removal efficiency several times faster than traditional hair removal. At the same time, it breaks through the problems of obvious pain during traditional photon skin rejuvenation treatment, and possible burns due to rejuvenation treatment.

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At the same time as 810nm wavelength Fiber Coupled Diode Laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation, Coolite EVO can quickly focus heat penetration per unit area while increasing penetration depth through high power, large spot and double cooling hair head design, stimulating collagen regeneration and increasing blood circulation. Rejuvenate, firm and brighten the skin.


In other words, 810nm fiber laser hair removal device can meet the ultimate needs of all types of skin color hair removal, there is no problem with dark skin hair removal is not available! The Coolite EVO laser hair removal machine uses 810nm fiber optic semiconductor laser technology to increase the depth of penetration through a large spot of light, allowing painless, fast and personalized hair removal.

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Coolite-Evo hair removal before and after

Coolite EVO professional beauty device can not only permanently remove hair, but also rejuvenate the skin. 2 in 1 beauty machine! The two modes can be selected at the same time, which meets the high-quality people who have a higher and more comfortable pursuit of the treatment process but also allows the beauty salon to better provide service for customers. I believe this machine is enough to let you get a good reputation! If you want to know more about GSD professional beauty equipment suppliers, you can contact us by email.