The newest body sculpting machine in 2022! GSD Therma Sculpt with Dynamic Lipo RF function


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How to choose the most suitable weight loss machine for your beauty salon?

There are many options for weight loss machines on the market, such as liposuction or frozen fat solution, which we are familiar with. These are mature and effective technologies. In 2022, GSD brought a new weight loss technology to the market -- Dynamic Lipo RF.

As a professional beauty instrument supplier specializing in beauty salon equipment supplier for 21 years, we have a deep understanding of some problems encountered by beauty salons. When a customer comes to your beauty salon and wants to do body Slimming treatment, what kind of treatment slimming machine will you recommend? Liposuction? The effect is quick and the effect is big! If the customer doesn't want to hurt their body and leave unsightly scars, I find it difficult to sell. cryolipolysis? It's a really nice technique and it's non-invasive, but it can make your customers feel cold and miserable! If you have this problem, please take a look at the latest Body Sculpting machine in 2022 -- GSD Therma Sculpt.

●lDynamic Lipo RF What is Dynamic Lipo RF?

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DLRF adopts modulating pulse RF technology. Different from ordinary monopolar RF, it alternately outputs RF energy among multiple electrodes at low frequency. It heats deeper skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue alternately without burning skin surface. The dual-frequency also stimulates muscular movement, continuously taps and vibrates the muscles during deep heating, relaxes the muscles and strengthens the muscle mass, to achieve the effect of skin restoration, fat reduction and body shaping.

We will be equipped with six dynamic RF handsets and a negative pressure handset with similar massage function. Every rf hands with dynamic USES four changes of rf generator, using the technology of radio frequency modulation pulse transfer energy accurately to deep skin and subcutaneous fat layer and through the intelligent temperature control real-time monitoring and feedback system to control the temperature 45 ℃, let the customer does not produce any discomfort enjoy in Slimming treatment! And for the beautician, GSD Therma Sculpt does not need any extra operation, just need to place the dynamic radio in our matching belt, then you can freely chat with customers or recommend your other beauty treatment(such as hair removal)!

After a lot of research, we found that when fat is kept at 45℃ for 15 minutes, it can effectively cause adipocyte apoptosis, reduce the number of adipocytes and tighten the subcutaneous fascia. At the same time, our dual frequency can stimulate muscle movement to achieve the effect of skin remodeling, fat reduction and muscle conditioning.

Let's talk another our other tool vacuum & Bi-Polar RF Handpiece, which can be vacuum & Bi-Polar RF Handpiece for lymphatic detox, weight loss, relaxation and stress reduction. It can be used with our kinetic RF handpiece or as a separate session. It feels like a massage. Can act on the abdomen and side waist, thigh, arm and other local fat accumulation, can not be solved by exercise in the stubborn fat area.

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GSD Therma Sculpt Body Sculpting Machine with a user-friendly and simple operation interface, cosmetician can adjust the temperature or everything according to customer feedback, bringing customers the most beautiful slimming experience! Customer evaluation is the best body sculpting ads, with GSD professional beauty equipment, you no longer have to worry about how to get clients for body sculpting!

Want more details? You can download the instructions for the hottest GSD slim beauty machine of 2022 !